Editor in Chief

Justice Jamal Alsumaiti LL.M., Ph.D.

Introducing a new legal magazine to the world The culture in my beloved city Dubai is to be a pioneer and to lead the world in all aspects of life. It is the city of leadership where being number one is important, as runner-ups tend to be forgotten. In order to be a leader, you need to be courageous and ambitious so you can overcome whatever obstacles you encounter. As Alfred P. Sloan said, “There has to be this pioneer, the individual who has the courage, the ambition to overcome the obstacles that always develop when one tries to do something worthwhile, especially when it is new and different”. One of the most valuable competitive brand strategies any company can embark on is what I refer to as being a pioneer. Being a pioneer means being first in the region and the world to enter an emerging market or to create a new market altogether. This is the reason why we at the Dubai Judicial Institute have launched Emirates Law & Business Practice. Our aim is to be the most successful legal magazine in the world. To provide our readers with details of new concepts and issues that really attract practitioners from around the world and help make the life of investors more easy. We want to share knowledge, and add value to them and to the legal community. Each issue of Emirates Law Business & Practice will have a theme for your legal reference. We plan to attract elite practitioners from across the world, in each field on each field we tackle to write and share their thoughts. Emirates Law Business & Practice is a worldwide legal magazine created by the Dubai Judicial Institute, which can be trusted and of use to all practitioners. We hope it be will a rich and well informed publication, providing our readers with variety of legal information about the law, global legal challenges and issues. I hope you enjoy this our first issue, if you would like to read future issues either go to our website or contact our editorial team to find out if you qualify to be added to the print circulation.


Sogol Kaveity LL.M.

After one year of preparation, we launched Emirates Law Business & Practice in January 2016. Emirates Law Business & Practice covers specialist subject areas offering independent analysis by experts in their field. Articles are practitioner oriented and non-academic. The aim of Emirates Law Business & Practice is to be an international legal magazine, making a significant contribution to the legal debate. Emirates Law Business & Practice provides its readers with a wide selection of relevant law disciplines, addressing various aspects of law. Through expert insights and comparative analysis, Emirates Law Business & Practice spreads awareness and understanding of the legal position in the UAE amongst overseas investors and their advisers. Each issue focuses on a theme of specific interest to the legal community and investors, serving as an excellent reference. Emirates Law Business & Practice created an unprecedented legal forum within the UAE, enabling legal practitioners across the in-house, private and governmental sectors to learn from, and be inspired by, each other through two main common goals: technical legal excellence; and the promotion of the UAE as a global legal services hub. Through the development of its website and circulation of electronic and hardcopies across the US, Europe, the wider Middle East and the Far East, its outreach has been greater than ever. As such, Emirates Law Business & Practice has provided a conduit for the legal practice to develop, connect, and to share internationally.

Board Member

Mohamed Al Yafeai LL.B.